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    [RC] The Endurance History Calendar - Linda B. Merims

    Tom Sites <goearth@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:
    >...our endeavor to produce a Calendar on the History of Endurance Riding
    >in the USA and AERC is going to press the first of next week and plans
    >its unveiling at the OD Christmas Party on the 14th of Dec.  Having spoke
    >with John who has allowed us to place a direct contact point on RC we
    >are Thankful...
    I can't figure out how to order a calendar.  I can't find any link
    on endurance.net.
    I'm thinking that local trails clubs could buy calendars and
    copies of Julie Suhr's book and use them as them as
    end-of-year awards, door prizes for Christmas parties, etc.
    Great awards and the $$ goes to the AERC trails committee.
    Linda B. Merims
    Massachusetts, USA