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    [RC] born ground tied - Beth Gunn

    In reading posts regarding teaching calmness when "tangled".  When my 11 yr gelding, Danny, was a few months old, he stepped in abandoned hog wire hiding in tall grass.  I had only been teaching him halter, leading, feet and handling up to this point.  The hog wire had been left on my side of the fence (unbeknownst? to me) by my neighbor.  New neighbor called me when I got home from work to tell me Danny had been standing in the same spot for hours!  I went to him immediately and found he had not done any harm and waited all that time! for me to come pick up his feet and release him from this situation!  I swear!  I have witnesses...:))  This is an abnoxiously intelligent horse.  Drives me bugg-o wanting to learn new stuff.  I really think he is a dog with hooves and whinneys.  I wish he had the body to do real endurance.  Just LDs for this guy.
    Beth Gunn