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    Re: [RC] [Guest] Abetta Saddles - FASTGraphic

    In a message dated 11/22/2002 6:09:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
    JUDYK89@xxxxxxx writes:
    << I used to use a Bighorn, just be aware that the Bighorns are a little 
     narrower, and can pinch some Arabian shoulders, especially as they get more 
     fit.  I'm considering getting an Abetta because they finally have the 
     tree endurance saddle.  I don't know why Bighorn doesn't do that, lets face 
     it, most  endurance horses are Arabian, and even if they aren't, the Arabian 
     tree with the flared tree at the shoulder area, will fit most horses that 
     endurance fit much better.  Someone should tell Bighorn to get on the stick. 
    LOL  You are absolutely right....but I don't ride an Arabian!  And the narrow 
    Big Horn was just what I needed for my slender, high withered Standardbred!  
    They do make a wider one, though - my wife uses it on her stocky little Arab 
    boy.  Don't think they call it an "Arab tree" but it sure works well for her. 
     It is pretty funny for a company to make an endurance saddle and not tailor 
    it more toward Arabs, huh?  Go figure.
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