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    Re: [RC] Tying a Horse...food for thought - Rae Callaway

      Well, you can always teach a horse to tie, but you can't really teach
    them to be smart about it.  My boy, General, who is 3 1/2, knows very well
    how to stand tied - even for those scary things like baths or vets.  His
    first week at the trainers and he was tied to a trailer and set back and
    started pulling.  Apparently fear wasn't working, so he decided to rethink
    his plan and go for the attack instead.  General now has a nice hole in his
    forehead where he broke his dish.  Gotta say, I am SOOOOO glad I finally
    got some fillies.  Having 4 3 year old geldings on the place is really a
    strain on my nerves.  I swear they sit out there at night and try to see
    who can be the next "Jackass"
    --- Rae
    --- tallcarabians@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    --- Tall C Arabians - SE Texas
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