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    [RC] tying to trailer - Laura Hayes

    Howard wrote: <<<I've seen hundred mile horses tied up to their horse
    trailer the entire w=
    eekend before and after the ride.  I'm sorry, but this bothers me a great=
     deal, I don't care who the owner/rider is.  The horse doesn't get a chan=
    ce to move around at all except during the ride.  Some of you may be conv=
    inced that this is not a cruel thing to do and the safety value of it all=
     is what's most important; I disagree.>>>
    I always picket or if I can't (no trees, need the truck for something) I tie
    to the trailer.  I do 100 milers....BUT, as I said before, I walk my horse
    every hour or so (even at night) and graze him/her for literally HOURS at a
    ride.  I also sleep with the window open on my side, where I can wake up and
    shine my light on my horse at least a hundred times dring the night . Most
    likely you will see my husband or myself walking, trotting or grazing around
    camp ALOT.  After all, it is the horse we are there for, right??? I enjoy
    the social bit, but my horse comes FIRST- AMEN, end of soap box stand off.
    Anything is cruel if not done RIGHT.
    ps- Howard will you be at Gator Run?  My husband is vetting and I am riding
    all three days on my mare...she might be tied to my trailer some, though!!!
    Laura Hayes AERC#2741
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