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    [RC] FWD: equine containment: pickets vs high-lines - A. Perez

    Please forward this on to Ride Camp for me......I can't seem to 
    get anything
    into the message board.
    There are two differences between highline and picket.
    Highline goes OVER the horses head.  Up high.  At least 6 
    feet.  A highline
    rope is placed between two stationary objects (I've used by 
    highline rope
    over my trailer and camper roof -- pad corners with a towel.) 
    between trees depends on number of horses to go on highline.  
    Ideally, about
    40 feet.  Horses are tied to highline with highline lead ropes -
    - 10 feet
    long.  A horse IS NOT allowed to move up and down highline.  He 
    stays in one
    spot.  Horses are about 10 feet a part if buddies.
    I've used highlines over 30 years and never had a horse get 
    hurt or get
    loose (if tied correctly).  The nice thing about a highline is 
    that the pull
    is up....the horse wants to get loose, he yanks back on 
    highline, head goes
    up, butt goes down, hindlegs go under and he just scrambles in 
    one spot.  He
    runs in a circle and he can pull all he wants and can't get 
    hurt or loose.
    My horses lay down flat on the ground under the highline and 
    when camping,
    will spend a week, two weeks, three weeks on a highline that I 
    move from
    site to site to keep soil impact down.  They are fed while tied 
    and have
    water in tub near by.  They are perfectly content on the 
    highline as they
    can see in all directions, move in all directions and even butt 
    up to one
    another in a strange forest.    .
    Picket.  Horses are tied to with a rope chest high.  Lot of 
    packers use 'em.
    I don't because a horse can jump, pull back, 'panic' forward 
    and take it
    out.  I prefer the old highline and it can be set up anywhere, 
    easy to
    store and easy to use.
    In Nevada where there are no trees in the desert.  I put horses 
    truck and trailer.  Once had a sand storm come up -- not hard 
    but it blew
    pretty good.  Took a couple canvases (some people use plastic 
    sheets) and
    hung one at each end of truck and trailer.  Horses had a 
    cozy 'stall' out of
    the wind.  Only problem was scorpions....
    If you'd like to see my horses on highline, go to website
    www.twohorseenterprises.  That's Sig and Bud highlined at a dry 
    camp in
    (Thanks for posting for me.....)
    Bonnie Davis
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