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    [RC] Highlines - Lucy Chaplin Trumbull

    I've used highlines too, and like them - which is why, once I
    get it together, I'm planning on buying a couple of Spring Ties -
    same idea, but much easier to set up when you're a shortie
    and don't have any trees around.

    > I was wondering how you adjust the tension on this highline.
    > I've tried them before, like the idea, but have a hard time
    > getting the rope A. High enough

    The place I've highlined the most is (Dru Barner) a horse camp
    in the woods, so we tie the rope between two trees.

    To get it up high, I make a small loop first, feed the rope around
    the tree and back through the loop, then poke it up into the tree
    with my manure fork. Using the manure fork, I can usually get it
    up 8' high or so. You then pull the loop tight and go over to the
    other tree.

    > and B. tight enough so it doesn't sag lower than the horses
    > head over time.

    This part is more tricky. Sometimes I've use a stepstool/upturned
    bucket to get up and tie it.

    If you get it high enough, then even when it sags overnight,
    it's still high enough. I use yellow nylon rope, which doesn't
    seem to stretch much. I think it stretches more when it gets
    damp overnight.

    To secure it, I make a lot of knots.The Boy Scouts would not
    be proud of my knots... I just keep making them until it seems
    tight and secure.

    So long as I got the first end high, it usually makes it
    high enough that the height of the other end isn't as

    Things to remember - if you use knot eliminators (sort of
    metal loopy things that you can attach to the rope to tie to),
    make sure you attach them *before* the rope is tight - once
    it's tight, you can't loop the rope around them.

    And in any case, if you wait until the rope is secured in
    place, it'll be 7' up and you won't be able to reach it.

    Likewise, thread your lead rope through the knot eliminator
    before tightening the highline. That way, at least you can
    grab it to pull the highline downward to adjust the lead rope
    length. If you don't do this, you'll be reduced to leaping to
    try and grab the rope, which is most amusing to your fellow
    campers, but annoys the horses who want to get down to the
    important business of standing around eating.

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    Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
    elsie AT foothill DOT net
    Repotted english person in Sierra Foothills, California
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