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    Re: [RC] Myler combination bit or hackamore - Sullivan

    Actually.....Myler makes a combination bit/hackamore that looks really interesting.  First it engages the nose...then the bit.  Seems like it would be a really good step from a sidepull to a bit...
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    Subject: [RC] Myler combination bit or hackamore

    I am schooling my 4 year old Arabian in a french link snaffle, but I would like a little more whoa for out on the trail.  He's not a really hot Arabian, but he is young and doesn't always have a well established whoa, much less a half halt.  Has anyone used the Myler Combination bit?  I was thinking of the short shanked snaffle. I would prefer to stay away from an Uxeter.  I don't want anything that would make him curl.  I've also considered a hackamore, perhap a "beetle," as they say thay are not as severe?  I think the English hackamore would be too large as the size says "horse."  As it is the smallest Myler combo is 4.75", and this French link that I'm using now is 4.5".   Thank you for your input.

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    [RC] Myler combination bit or hackamore, Kitty Bo Wilson