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    [RC] electric fences - Laura Hayes

    You can add to the list of electric pen casualties, the nice little bay
    gelding that was euthanized at a Pennsylvania ride last year when several
    horses broke out and ran down the hill into 8 or 10 pens.  They were
    dragging a rat's nest of electric tape of all different colors and widths.
    The bay horse ran off a stone retaining wall in the dark.
    We were all in a indoor arena when the horses came down off the hill in a
    herd.  I have never run so fast in all my life as I did up that hill to
    check on Music, who was tied to the trailer, munching his hay.  My heart was
    beating so hard I thought it would come out of my chest, and there was the
    big clown just chewing away.....brought tears to my eyes.
    I will NEVER put my horses in an electric tape pen - and I routinely use it
    around the farm to rotationally graze my horses.  We have unhooked the semi
    and used it to picket when there are no trees (did that at NC) If you have
    ever seen me at a ride, I hand graze my horse ALOT.  At Ft Valley, I stood
    with my mare for hours the night between the two days of the 100, because I
    couldn't bear to tie her back up away from the grass.
    laura hayes aerc #2741
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