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    Re: [RC] re: electric corral - Tina Hicks

    When I first started endurance I thought those that tied to the trailer 
    almost inhumane :-p I mean, how could anyone just tie them to the 
    trailer like that? Can't they see they need to move? I mean just because 
    people have  been doing that since the beginning of time doesn't mean it 
    should still go on, right? 
    ahhh, the ignorance and opinionated-ness of a beginner :)
    Tina - who used to pen but now pickets and would tie if needed
    On Thu, 21 
    Nov 2002, Karen wrote:
    > I think the idea is that it doesn't really matter how good your horses are, 
    > if somebody elses cause the accident.  Just like it doesn't matter how safe 
    > of a driver you are, if a drunk driver hits you head on......once you see 
    > so many accidents you do what you can so that it won't happen to you.  I 
    > know my horses would also be fine in an electric corral (they have had one 
    > in the past), or in corral panels (they have spent many nights in those 
    > too) -- but I know that they are far safer simply being tied to the 
    > trailer.   I hope people who are using electric panels will think about it 
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    Re: [RC] re: electric corral, Karen