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    Re: [RC] re: electric corral - Karen

    I think the idea is that it doesn't really matter how good your horses are, if somebody elses cause the accident. Just like it doesn't matter how safe of a driver you are, if a drunk driver hits you head on......once you see so many accidents you do what you can so that it won't happen to you. I know my horses would also be fine in an electric corral (they have had one in the past), or in corral panels (they have spent many nights in those too) -- but I know that they are far safer simply being tied to the trailer. I hope people who are using electric panels will think about it some -- and pay more attention to where they set their pens up in camp -- we should all also hobble train our horses so that if they do get loose and get tangled, they don't just bolt with everything attached to them. (this includes teaching them to stop if their saddles fall underneath them as well) Also, for new riders -- you don't need to buy your horse a corral to stay in when you go to rides -- tying them to the trailer (or on a tie arm) is just fine -- and, you will probably take better care of your horse because you'll take the time to walk it more often. Lots of people just dump their horses into the corrals and leave them. They do so much better if you take them for a short walk every couple of hours---regardless of whatever containment system you use with them (you pick up a thing or two doing a lot of multidays <g>)
    Karen (been almost mowed down a few times by horses running wild with something attached and chasing them)

    At 02:47 PM 11/21/2002 -0700, Cindy Collins wrote:
    "...some horses got out around 2am and ran through our eletric corrals
    which 3 of our horses were occupying."

    Kelli-This looks like a major issue/problem for me...I think you made my
    whole point about why I think they are totally unacceptable.  Cindy

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    [RC] re: electric corral, Cindy Collins