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    Re: [RC] WNV information - heidi sowards

    There is a yahoo group that seems to have pretty good
    information and has vets that post there. Check them out!
    --- Kathie Ford <MsPoOh17@xxxxxxx> wrote:
    > Hello all, I found a website with updated information
    > regarding the WNV.  Last update was November 15. Seems
    > that one horse was confirmed in Idaho.  It bordered a
    > county where in Washington a raven was found infected
    > with WNV.  The raven was in NE Washington.  What I found
    > interesting; and you may read it for yourselves, is that
    > one very first MARINE mammal was confirmed as having WNV.
    >  I found this very strange.  Being the paranoid skeptic I
    > am I am of the feeling (gut feeling) that someone or a
    > group may have begun this intentionally.  I maybe crazy,
    > but I can't shake this feeling.  I know virus can spread
    > thru air easily, and insects, animals, humans.  Now
    > saltwater?  humm.  Any vets out there have any comments?
    > Also, I'm in Northern California and trying to keep my
    > head about this and yet quite alarmed.  I personally know
    > of more than nine people losing horses in the last few
    > weeks, myself being one of them.  Also one lost last
    > thurs. at a ranch my daughter took lessons at, another a
    > friend of hers from school, yet another, a friend of
    > mine's mustang/curlie mare.  She died an hour after I
    > arrived.  She was extremely toxic, yet not thrashing
    > around.  She laid down and basically died quietly.  We
    > were devastated.  Most of the ones mentioned were thought
    > to be colics.  But two of the horses were found dead in
    > their pastures.  No one knows why.  With the
    > curly/mustang the vet was very puzzeled.    Extremely
    > sad, but alarming.
    > Does anyone have any other experiences of late?
    > Anyway, the website I found is simple: 
    > www.cfe.cornell.edu/erap/WNV/
    > And good information...hope it helps.
    > Kathie in AuburnGet more from the Web.  FREE MSN Explorer
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    [RC] WNV information, Kathie Ford