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    Re: [RC] re: 100 milers - Cindy Collins

    jlong@xxxxxxxx writes:
    >On Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:03:50 -0700, "Cindy Collins"
    ><ccollins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >>...Hope to see you at a 100 miler...it is the classic distance and
    >>I truly don't believe you are an "endurance rider" unless you've done
    >>100s.  Cindy (at least 15 100 mile finishes) 
    >Ooo, you're gonna get flamed for that!  (I agree with you, though.
    >Kahlil and I did over 30 of'em.  The Big Horn remains one of my
    >Another good tip:  sponsor a Junior.  They'll keep you alert.
    I'm a big girl...I can handle it.  I really do believe it.  It was good to
    see that you were riding last year.   I agree about Jrs., too.  CC
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