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    [RC] re: 100 milers - Cindy Collins

    What I have to say about riding 100s, which I love...my therapist fixed a
    lot but couldn't quite overcome this..., is that it is MENTAL.  Almost
    100% mental.  Other tips include riding with someone you really like,
    because there will come a time when you want to kill "someone" at 1:00 AM
    and you'd better like your riding partner enough to restrain yourself when
    that impulse takes over!  Drink plenty, get electrolytes into your system
    and eat, eat, eat...is another tip.  One of the biggest reasons why humans
    crash on 100s is lack of calories.  Get off and walk or jog periodically
    and you'll be a lot less sore.  Finally maintain a sense of humor.  You'll
    need it.  Hope to see you at a 100 miler...it is the classic distance and
    I truly don't believe you are an" endurance rider" unless you've done
    100s.  Cindy (at least 15 100 mile finishes) 
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