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    [Fwd: Re: [RC] [Guest] Portable corrals] - Jim Holland

    Good Grief!  IMHO, that's somewhat of an overkill!
    Here's a custom way that gives you some flexibility...

    There are several on the market that come with the little canvas bags and
    "everything you need" for a portable corral. There's one like that here that's as good as any:


    However, I have not found ONE that I thought met all my criteria for a good corral. Obviously  the people who make them have NO experience with camping in a group using corrals.

    First, I don't like polywire....I prefer tape, preferably at least 3/4"...(you can get 1 1/2")....I use 3/4" right now, but may change to 1 1/2" inch one of these days.  I like the tape, not because it keeps the horse in better, but because it's more visible to a "runaway horse" in camp and people walking thru camp...less likely to run into or thru it.....and you want white. Second, I like TWO strands...it's more visible and "looks" more substantial to the horse.

    The charger in the kits is battery only, which limits your flexibility. I like the "Yellow Jacket", which is made for tape fences, and will run on 4 D Cells, 6 volts, or 12 volts. D Cells are too much trouble.  I carry a small lawn mower battery, which I recharge when I return...will last a LOOONG time with a Yellow Jacket. D Cells are a backup, and you could also run it off your trailer battery if need be. Just a much better choice.

    The posts in most kits are slender two piece fiberglas, which are just not rigid enough...some of the kits have posts which pose a puncture hazard to horses running over or falling on them.  I like the 4 foot thicker, more flexible "step-in" posts.....just bundle them up and wrap them in a couple of bungee cords.

    I don't like tape reels incorporated in the posts.  They're top heavy, they fill up with water and don't reel well...also if they break, forget about getting it "fixed".

    I also don't like corner posts with tie outs for stability like you stake out a tent.  To easy for people and horses to step on or trip over them...IMO, too dangerous.

    A couple of other issues...if you go with somebody else and share a corral, it's nice to have the capability of putting a divider down the middle of the corral. If you horse "herds", chases or doesn't get along with the other horse(s) you can seperate them by just sticking in a couple of posts down the middle and dividing the corral.

    Sometimes you may want to carry MORE posts than normal....if you have multiple horses or lots of space, you may want a bigger corral.  I normally carry 15....my typical corral uses about 10.

    Anyway, if you want to "build your own" as I did, it's easy. You can order the basic stuff from Jeffers at:


    Just go there and key in the numbers below in search to see the "stuff".

    Polyposts D4-S7-32   This is a package of 10.  Ordering Qty of 2 will get you 20...extras in case you break one.

    Rubber Gate Handles D4-G2-32 Normally you need two. I carry 4 in case I need to "split" my corral.

    Yellow Jacket Charger FG-J4-32

    3/4 Polytape T8-PA-32
    1 1/2 Polytape T8-A7-32

    Don't order tape wider than 1 1/2"...that's the widest the posts support. Also, there are more expensive polytapes...it has to do with the number of strands of wire in the tape, the "weight" of the tape, and whether the wires are stainless steel or copper. However, the ones above are adequate for a corral. You can't stop a horse from running thru a corral if they decide to do so, no matter how good the tape is. Your reel will hold more tape with 3/4"....but it will still hold plenty of 1 1/2" tape.

    Stop by your local Home Depot and pick up the following:

    A cord reel....be sure it is the one with "feet". To see what it looks like:

    Go to www.homedepot.com
    Choose "electrical" from the menu on the left.
    When you get there, change the search to "SKU" and key in 280984

    A brass ground rod.  They come in 8 foot lengths. Use a hacksaw to cut in in half, which will make it the same length as the posts. If it doesn't come with a sharpened end, grind it off a little to make it "pointy" and easier to drive.. You will need a hammer of mallet of some type to drive in the rod in your kit. (You should carry one, anyway)

    Make your gates by cutting off a few feet of the tape and attaching it to the end of the handles. Roll the tape off the roll onto the cord reel. (Cut off the little "cord keeper" in the middle so the center is flat) Just use a piece of duct tape to hold the start of the tape on the reel.  Fill it about 3/4 full....you will have LOTS of tape left. Make your corral by first setting up your posts, with two close together for your gate. Starting at the TOP on one of the gates, go all the way around to the top of the gate post on the other side, go down to the bottom of the that post and return to the first gate post, wrap it a couple of times around the keeper and set the spool on the
    ground. Tie the gate tapes to the top and bottom of the gate posts. I use small pieces of wire...electrical fence wire will work...to provide a "hook" for the handles on the other gate post. Drive the ground rod into the ground about a foot (right beside a post to be safe) and mount the yellow jacket on the rod so that the lower tape  is at the right place to fit in the tape connector on the Yellow Jacket. The Yellow Jacket actually clamps to the ground rod, providing the ground. If you're using D Cells, you're done. If you are using a battery, then you will have to attach battery leads to the bottom of the Yellow Jacket. (It comes with the wire you need, including Aligator Clips)

    I found a plastic box the right size to keep my "kit" in. The posts and ground rod, I just bundle up with bungee cords and toss them in the back of the truck. 

    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

    Check it out at:  http://www.grazierfence.com/olddetails/www/pg09_PortARound.html

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