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    [RC] re:100 milers - Cindy Collins

    Drin:  All my friends know about my famous vomiting!  I thought that
    bumper sticker "Ride until you throw up" was written about me.  I only
    vomit in the dark going down hill...that means every time I ride the BH
    clockwise, I get sick!   However, for the first time ever this year I did
    not throw up on the BH.  I did not eat a hamburger at the 75 mile point
    and I tried an antihistamine around 5 PM.  Don't know if that's the
    reason.  I was still queasy, but much better.  However, I did vomit on the
    Tatman Mt. ride in Aug.  My riding partner was so busy explaining all the
    constellations and their myths that I don't even think he noticed!  He'd
    start a story and tell me to look up and every time I looked up I got
    sicker!  Cindy
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