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    Re: [RC] Hunting Season - Ed and Wendy Hauser

    "Why are human predators unnatural????? I have killed and eaten my share of
    venison - seemed like the most natural thing in the world to me.
    The romanticized ideas of the "balance of nature" are again prevalent in our
    society. I watched a TV show on Mammoths yesterday. One of the
    paleontologists expressed remorse that the best evidence now indicates that
    hunting by paleo-humans may have caused the extinction of Mammoths about
    10,000 BCE. Another paleontologist expressed doubts that it was moral for a
    Japanese scientist to try to clone one. His reasoning was that if a
    scientist did clone a Mammoth, it would never be able to live free like it
    was "supposed to".
    As I see it, man has been a predator for many many years. The Clovis point
    gave paleo-humans the ability to feed their families by killing large
    animals. The result was a bunch of animals became extinct. I certainly see
    no reason to be guilty for something that happened that long ago.
    Yes we have a duty to manage the resources of this planet as good as we can.
    It is the best thing for our species in the long run. Active management is
    very different from a romantic idea that we can "let nature take its
    course". Of course, all but 20 million Americans could move somewhere else,
    so our ecosystem could gradually go back to what it was in 1492. Somehow I
    don't see that happening.
    Of course, those who stay will have to give up technology, including the
    horse.  They will also have to promise to burn the prairie periodically  and
    kill the proper number of Bison.  The Indians were always predators, there
    just were fewer of them.
    Ed and Wendy Hauser
    1140 37th Street
    Hudson, WI 54016
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