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    Re: [RC] head tossing - DreamWeaver

    At 02:37 PM 11/18/2002 -0800, you wrote:
    , anyways anyone have any ideas or equipment that will keep the reins down

    Angela -- since everybody else recommended equipment, I'll give you ideas. (and, if you do try adding a martingale -- please do it with the idea that it is only a training aid and not something that you have to have forever!) First, you need to realize that this head tossing is a dangerous habit. Your horse could knock you in the head and cause serious injury -- or, she could knock herself silly -- depending upon the type of country you ride in if she chooses to toss her head at the wrong moment she could end up putting a stick in her eye, or causing some other sort of problem for you, lose her balance on a narrow trail, etc. <speaking from experience here!>

    If she does it only occasionally, then you can probably break her of the habit without any additional 'aids'. It just takes a little finesse, and learning to read her. She needs to understand that the head tossing while you are on her is completely unacceptable behavior -- and you need to make that clear to her the *instant* she starts to toss her head. You probably know by how she feels that she is going to do it. Once you discipline her for it (if you need more info, I can email you details of what worked for my horse), and if you stay consistent you can probably break her of the habit forever. My horse Rocky loves to toss his head, you'll see him trotting out for the vets with his head in orbit lots of times -- but he knows that when I am on him, he cannot do that. Now, when he thinks of doing things like tossing his head, I simply talk him out of it before he does it. (we talk a lot)

    Good luck,

    in NV
    & Rocky, 5,880 miles
    & Weaver, 5,630 miles

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    [RC] head tossing, Angela and Ron Lewis