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    Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Hunting Season - heidi

    > I said "in theory".  In practice you actually can lease pasture from a
    > private landowner, you could cut trees on someone's private land.  Don't
    >  know if you could mine on someone's private land - in NM most of the
    > mineral rights are owned by the federal government, might be that way
    > everywhere else.  You could even hunt on private hunting preserves as
    > well.
    Again, I ask you where?  My county is 92% federal land.  Many western
    counties have similarly high percentages.  That's where the grazing is,
    that's where the timber is, and that's where the minerals are. 
    Furthermore, once again, logging and grazing, properly regulated, are our
    best defenses against devastation by fire, as they control the fuels. 
    Symbiosis between activities is best for ALL of us.
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