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    [RC] mares - Debra Ager

    I have two nice broodmares I would like to find homes for.  One is an 18 year old Rushcreek mare (Rushcreek Shawn) that is nearly a full sister to Rushcreek Mark (her sire is different, but bred almost the same as his was) who is in foal now, and I will give her away to a good home after she foals.  I'd even help make the breeding arangements for whoever wanted her, since I'd have to keep her for the first 3-4 months of the foal's life.  The other is a 9 year old race-bred mare by Fortune out of a Silver Drift line mare.  She is currently open, but I have a very nice 2002 colt out of her here if anyone would like to see what she produces.  I think she has produced 5 or 6 foals.  I would sell her for a *very* good price to a good home, just make an offer.  She has a sweet disposition and her colt is pretty smart, not spooky, and easy to train.  Both mares are for use as broodmares only.  If you are interested, or know someone who is, please e-amil me privately for more details.
    Debbie Ager