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    [RC] animal rights, cruelty, et. al (tongue-in-cheek) - Debra Ager

    Just another point of view on the topic.  Maybe a little tongue-in-cheek, but true, nonetheless.  Not that hog-farms, vegetarianism, and hunting (as a pastime or sport) has much to do with riding, but since everyone else is having a go, I couldn't resist. 
        Everyone knows, of two of the forms of life on the planet, producers and consumers, we humans are consumers.  Whether you are a vegetarian, or accept your biological role as an omnivore (even chimps hunt and kill some animals for food), you are a consumer--you eat other life forms.  Yes vegetables are alive.  What's more, if you eat them raw, they are alive as you chew them up and swallow them.  If you eat them cooked, you are cooking them to death.  At least with an animal, it is usually humanely killed before is is eaten or cooked (except for some sea creatures).  How can we be sure that vegetables don't have feelings too?  Is the grass screaming as our horses unfeelingly rip it out of the ground?  Who is the advocate to prevent cruelty to plant life?  Don't they deserve our sympathy and support?  Where is the Lorax now???
        Obviously no one wants to see animals suffer as they make their way onto our plates.  But there is nothing more wrong with eating an animal than there is with eating a plant.  Who says plants aren't sentient?  Maybe they are.  The point is, we are consumers, whether we consume plant flesh or animal flesh (yes, even horsemeat--*gasp* Did she say horsemeat?!), and we can't just starve ourselves to avoid killing other things. 
        Just my 2 cents, for what it's worth (probably a lot less than that).  And I realise that I've gone off into left field here, but I just thought I'd have a little fun with the topic.  Let's get back to talking about horses now, 'kay?