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    [RC] Gov. agency that supports horseback riding....and Scotts comment - Rides 2 Far

    >.that> based on historical accounts of animal size, and archeological
    bone> records.....there is evidence that deer size is shrinking.  Is it >
    possible> this may be influenced by the fact that deer hunters seek the
    LARGE> and impressive looking individuals?  
    I don't think that's it. I think the deer population adapts to the
    terrain and the food supply.  The deer in South GA. are known to be very
    small.  I don't think the hunters down there are any less concerned with
    size than the ones in the TN mountains where they are larger.  A Boone &
    Crockett (think it was a record, maybe just a contender) deer was taken
    by a 12 year old kid less than a mile from my house 2 years ago.  That
    kid would have been just as eager to shoot a spike. 
    AEDC is a government aeronotical testing site about 2 hrs. from here.  It
    has very high fences around it and their deer appear to inbreed. They
    have very small deer on their grounds.  To quote my pal J.D. "thu deer at
    AEDC is so little they look like squirrels runnin' thru the woods. Jeff
    shot a spike up thar so little he could'u carried it out in a bread sack"
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