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    Re: [RC] Gov. agency that supports horseback riding....and Scotts comment - RDCARRIE

    <<To quote my pal J.D. "thu deer at
    AEDC is so little they look like squirrels runnin' thru the woods. Jeff
    shot a spike up thar so little he could'u carried it out in a bread sack">>
    ROFL!  Your pal J.D. sounds like quite a character!  The first weekend of 
    this month was opening weekend of deer gun season in East Texas...I ran one 
    of our deer check stations, weighing, aging, etc. the deer hunters brought 
    in.  One guy shot a fawn (6 months old).  It weighed 34 lbs field dressed.  
    We call those "crock pot deer".  Of course, not to the hunter's face.  <G>  
    Our deer here in East Texas don't get very big either - a decent buck, field 
    dressed, is around 90-110 lbs., about the size of the coast blacktail deer I 
    used to hunt in Oregon.  Does are 60-70 lbs.  Go down to south Texas, 
    however, and the deer are bigger.
    Running check station is fun, but I had to do it both days, daylight till 
    dark, which meant no riding.  :(  Had to play hookie from work on Monday to 
    ride.  <G>
    Dawn in East Texas
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