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    Re: [RC] Hunting Season - Heidi Smith

    > Scott, that's what they would have you believe, and in isolated cases
    > (for example, a heavy farming community) that might be true.  However,
    > here in the North Georgia Mountains, that's not the case.  Hunting is a
    > HUGE business. The deer population would normally be controlled by the
    > amount of food available....basically the mast crop (acorns, hickory
    > nuts, etc.) and whatever grass they can find...including our gardens! A
    > poor mast crop would result in a lower deer population the following
    > year.  (The stress of a low food supply will prevent the does from
    > conceiving) Population decreases and increases would occur over a
    > several year period.
    Jim, that is Scott's point.  While hunting may well be "big business," the
    management end of it allots the number of permits that can keep the game
    species in a more or less steady state, without either undue hardship to the
    game animals due to inadequate food supply or undue grubbing out of the
    flora of the area by overpopulation of game animals.
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