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  • - Heidi Smith
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  • - Heidi Smith

    [RC] Weather in Idaho that goes BEYOND miserable - Andrea Day

    The most miserable weather for horses is 33 and raining, for sure. One >reason we like Idaho is that we just don't get much of that sort of >weather. :-)

    Au contraire, Heidi, I must disagree. Miserable weather for horses is 33 degrees with a north wind of 33mph. The wind chill factor on that runs about 0 degrees, and it'll lift the hair and suck the heat right off them. Even in the run-in sheds they can't generate many BTUs, since the drafts are horrible. Any barn that's well ventilated in the summer heat is dog-gone cold in a winter wind.

    Beyond miserable is a sleeting rain on an outside horse with no shelter. That's pure equine torture. Fortunately we DON'T get much rain, but when the wind stops around here, livestock tend to fall over.

    Welcome to Mountain Home, IDAHO. We got the worstest wind, the mostest rocks, and the deepest gopher/badger holes!

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