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    Re: [RC] Hunting Season - Jim Holland

    Scott, that's what they would have you believe, and in isolated cases
    (for example, a heavy farming community) that might be true.  However,
    here in the North Georgia Mountains, that's not the case.  Hunting is a
    HUGE business. The deer population would normally be controlled by the
    amount of food available....basically the mast crop (acorns, hickory
    nuts, etc.) and whatever grass they can find...including our gardens! A
    poor mast crop would result in a lower deer population the following
    year.  (The stress of a low food supply will prevent the does from
    conceiving) Population decreases and increases would occur over a
    several year period.  However, the Deparment of Natural Resources (DNR)
    artifically increases the food supply by creating clearings and planting
    "feed lots" with maize, grass, etc. all over the place, which supports a
    larger deer herd...to give the hunters deer to hunt.  The more hunters,
    the more money for the state.  There are numerous ways the population
    could be controlled other than hunting.
    (I love venison, by the way...)
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
    FASTGraphic@xxxxxx wrote:
    > They would have to do this so that the hunters - a well regulated and
    > licensed group of people who are working de facto for the Fish and Game
    > Department can thin out the deer population so that they do not starve to
    > death in the winter.  I understand that everyone in the media from Disney to
    > Warner Brothers have tried to villainize and degrade hunters and hunting and
    > have succeeded to the point where they are looked down upon by almost the
    > entire general population.  I'd sooner see a living Bambi wander through he
    > forest calling out "Mother?" than watch her die slowly and painfully beside
    > her mother in the snow and cold of starvation.  Hunters prevent this.  Human
    > beings ARE a part of the natural food chain.  Hunters are a necessary part of
    > the balance of nature.  Can't say the same for hikers, cyclists and
    > equestrians.  Does that help you understand why?
    > Scott
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