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    [RC] Hunters - Tim Worden

    It just boggles my mind how a hunter can mistakingly
    shoot any type a livestock.  I'm all for hunting, as I
    tried it a bit before I got into hores.  I use to work
    for the Michigan DNR and heard all sorts of great
    stories.  Most happen during the 15 day gun season,
    which if I'm not mistaken opens tomorrow the
    15th....it's a State Holiday.  This is when most of
    the idiots come out to play and mistake a huge COW for
    a couple hundred pound deer.  I don't remember hearing
    any incidents about shooting horses, luckily...just
    cows.  Bow season is a different case.  Shorter range
    so you actually see your target and must make a more
    calculated shot.  But, alas, now I have endurance
    horses and I'm too busy training and conditioning to
    even think about freezing my buns off sitting up in a
    tree.  Besides, these little brown dog sized things
    they call deer here in North Carolina would not
    provide much meat anyway;)
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