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    Re: [RC] Hunters - Deanna Ramsay

    > Bow season is a different case.  Shorter range
    > so you actually see your target and must make a more
    > calculated shot. 

    I'm not that complacent about bow hunters. I have a 25yr old TB with an
    enormous scar on his hindquarters. He was hit by a bow hunter when he
    was 8. Something over 600 stitches to put him back together. He was
    lucky that he was owned by a 15 yr old girl (his previous owner) who
    adored him, and wouldn't accept the vet's recommendation that he be put
    down. He's a 16h dark bay and was turned out with a gray TWH in a
    small paddock attached to a barn right behind a house. There are woods
    nearby, but this is hardly a wilderness area.

    And my great aunt lost a nice mare back in the late 1960s to blood
    poisoning after she was hit by birdshot and the vet didn't manage to get
    all the pellets removed.


    [RC] Hunters, Tim Worden