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    [RC] Mare available to ride in Carolina 50 - Tim Worden

    I've mentioned in another post that I have an 8y/o
    14.2hh mare available in the Classifieds.  I will have
    her entered in the Carolina 50 at the end of the
    month.  If anyone interested in purchasing her would
    like to ride her, you are more than welcome.  I don't
    mind not riding if it means she would go to a great
    new home that would keep her in competition,
    especially here in the East;)  I would like her ridden
    at a moderate pace.  If I'm not able to sell her, then
    I'll probably have to put my registered 14y/o 15.2hh
    gelding up for sale.  Please email me if you or
    someone you know would be interested so we can make
    arrangements.  Thanks
    Iron Station, NC (NW of Charlotte)
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