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    Re: [RC] [RC] Re:Fungus and Scratches - Kelli Kirchner

    I have a gelding who was also taken to shore to shore this past year but only completed the first day due to the "scratches" you experienced. He completed the first day (25) fine and vetted through for the 2nd day. Well, 2nd day morning arrives and he is 3 legged lame. He has "scratches" on his front left pastern in back. These scratches eventually blow out into sores like you are talking about. These sores ooze and black crusty stuff will dry on them. These are better known as sand sores. In order to treat them and get rid of them, you have to pull the black scabby stuff off the sores every day. I wash with universal medicated shampoo-this is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal (you can also use the green shampoo that vets use for scrubbing prior to surgery). I treated them the first time with some anti-fugal cream after washing with the medicated shampoo until my vet actually took some of the scab material and worked it up and discovered it was mostly bacterial and not fungal. My vet then suggested I use a good anti-bacterial cream. It takes 4-5 days of treatment and they are almost completely gone. He's gotten sand sores twice this season-at S2S and the 2nd day of BSF where it was pretty sandy. The sand can be very abrasive to a horses skin, especially if the horse has white socks with more sensitive, pink skin underneath. My guy has 4 white socks, so this may always be a problem for me (unless his skin can toughen up!) Does your gelding have white socks by any chance?
    I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are seeing, but it sounds very similar to what happened to my gelding. In my experience, it is pretty manageable and easy to treat. Now I need to figure out a way to prevent it from happening in the first place, but I haven't come up with that one yet.


    ps-my horse was sound 2 days after treating them at the S2S and I caught them early enough after BSF, that he never really off at all

    From: "Tom & Vicky Smith" <twh@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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    Subject: [RC]   Re:Fungus and Scratches
    Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 13:16:35 -0500

    Last year one of our geldings completed the MTRA Shore to Shore. He seemed a little off after we came home and I couldn't pinpoint a particular leg-- just seemed uncomfortable in the front. I pulled his front shoes to really check out his hooves. The next day LOTS of scratches covered the pasterns of his front legs. It was the weirdest thing that I ever saw! After the scratches blew out and I treated them, he was sound again.

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