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    [RC] donated horse and double whorls??? - Lynda K Thompson

    I need to know what you all  think about this situation.  I  found a
    horse in the classifieds in my area and called on it.  The place was
    actually a  donation place that had been given a 5 year old mare as a
    donation from a reputable breeder in my area to sell.  Anyway,  I've been
    out to look at the mare two times.  She has a nice trot, she's been
    ridden 20 times and seems to be nice.  She has good bone and she's fairly
    stocky, she doesn't seem to be lame.  I can't find anything wrong with
    her.  I did find out today that she will be at the farm for another week
    and if the donation place can't sell her then she'll be taken to auction.
     I guess what's holding me back from buying this horse is the fact that
    the breeders get big money for the horses they sell and I can't figure
    out why they don't sell this one instead of giving it away.  I've asked a
    million questions trying to get an answer that seems satisfactory to me
    but the people say they're getting older and are down scaling the amount
    of horses they have.  Should I take a chance on this horse or pass if up
    because there could be something wrong that I haven't been told?  Also
    the mare has double whorls on her forehead and I remember something a
    while back about it but can't remember what.  Thanks for the help.
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