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    Re: [RC] Pull Codes - Linda Parrish

    Forgot to add.... on the PRSR there are places for Vet comments regarding specific lameness, metabolic and injuries seen. Also asks for unusual occurrences such as high heat, poor trail conditions, etc.
    -Linda P.
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    Very late at catching up on emails. My .02 worth:
    All TERA rides state on the ride brochures under the ride rules:  All equines must see a Vet for completion check or when pulling for any reason. This is reiterated at the ride briefing where we let the rider know that if they can't present the equine, we have lots of volunteers who will present the horse for them.
    Then our vets write a shorthand version of the reason for the pull - i.e. - Gr II L  RR muscle (grade II Lameness, Right Rear muscle). Then the rider cards are transferred to the head timer with the master time sheet where this information is again recorded. At the end of the ride, the RM keeps the timing sheet and has all the information the vet will require to fill in the Post Ride Statistical Report. And if the RM wants to hand out the rider cards, they still have all the information for reporting purposes.
    This system has worked for us for several years now. Only hitch in the works was when the PRSR was sent to the head Vet. If they fail to bring the sheet to the ride, now we have to email each other. Of course that was the case when I forgot to get the Vet to fill it out at ride site, too.  :-)
    By doing it this way, most times the data is reported correctly. I personally don't care how it is printed in EN, I just want the reported data to be as accurate as possible.
    Hope this helps a ride manager somewhere,
    Linda P.
    Kennard, TX

    [RC] Pull Codes, Linda Parrish