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    <This year on the FL ballot there was a constitutional amendment. It had
    to do with how breeding hogs are kept. The petition process was funded
    by the animal rights activist and if enacted will cost the hog farmers
    of FL tons of money - may even put them out of business. When I read it
    I didn't think it had a snowballs chance in hell of passing. But the ads
    on TV were very powerful images that implied abuse. It passed.>

    Well, sorry about that!  I don't know anything about this amendment, but if it improves conditions for these poor hogs, SO WHAT IF IT COSTS THE HOG FARMERS MONEY!!!  I don't want to incur any flames here, but IMO, quality of life for these poor animals should count for more than $$$$$.....

    Susan Vuturo -- Mom to Sadie, Encore, Rocky, and assorted kitties.