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    [RC] Growth Rates in Endurance - Truman Prevatt

    I have started an ongoing process to analyze the data on the AERC database to try to determine some trends in the sport. The first two results are online. They can be found at




    The first two are the same data in a different format and looks at the growth rate in three categories at a regional and national level. The categories are LD, "endurance" which is defined for the analysis as not LD and not 100 milers, and 100 milesrs.

    The data from 1996 through 2001 are used to three different growth rates: number of rides, yearly average ride size and total number of riders.

    The third document describes the results of an analysis to look at the impact of Pioneer (multiday) rides. The same type of analysis is used on the categories of "endurance" (same as above) which includes multidays. Further the Pioneer rides are broken out as are the single day rides and analyzed separately.

    I used fairly standard methodology on this analysis and would be more than happy to answer any questions. Be sure to read the comments that accompanies this analysis.


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