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    RE: [RC] tornados hit horse barn - Linda Cowles

    Hi Deana,
    1st:  Has she contacted FEMA? The Federal Emergency Management Agency? Maybe
    they can find funds for her... http://www.fema.gov/
    2nd: She has to generate a plan defining what they want to do (best case)
    and what resources (money, materials, assistance) they need to do it. A
    formal plan will prepare them for the next step. The SBA website has plan
    templates they can use. http://www.sba.gov/
    If they want to put up a new barn and start teaching disabled kids again,
    there are grants available through the SBA for some types of businesses, and
    they probably qualify. The SBA also has information about loans and special
    programs that they may qualify for.
    They should also contact the state and federal agencies that provide other
    types of assistance for their clients; these folks may have grant and
    funding ideas.
    Business Development Counseling: Many towns have state and federally funded
    non-profit organizations that act as incubators for small business
    development. I typed business development union county ohio and came up with
    two places to start: http://centralohio.thesource.net/ and
    Non Profits focus is usually welfare-to-work clients, so they know how to
    help clients build something out of nothing and will provide inexpensive,
    and maybe free, counseling.
    Her local Chamber of Commerce can help her plan a way to appeal to the
    business community for support and assistance. If it's a good cause, people
    should reach out to her.
    When she starts rebuilding the equine part of her business, she can appeal
    to local horse clubs for things that they can clean out of their tack
    rooms... we all have extra everything. She can also write to manufacturers
    and distributors; if she's got a strong start on rebuilding her business,
    they may support her by donating overstock.
    If she needs help at that point, drop me an email and I'll get her a list of
    addresses and see if the folks I work with can help at all.
    Good luck to her...
    Linda Cowles
    Horse 'N Hound
    New, Consigned & Used Tack
    9155 North State St. #13,  Redwood Valley, CA 95470
    EASY  access with Hwy 101 frontage!
    Store: 707-485-0347               Fax:  707-485-4053
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    [RC] tornados hit horse barn, Deanna German