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    [RC] tornados hit horse barn - Deanna German

    I feel so oblivious! I just got off the phone with a fellow horse owner
    whose name I keep in my daytimer as a good contact for anything related to
    horses. I called her yesterday on an unrelated topic and she returned my
    call today, rather shaken. One of the tornados that swept through Union
    County, Ohio on Sunday hit the barn where she keeps her horse. I saw the
    devastation shot from a helicoptor on the local news and didn't make the
    connection. The place was flattened. I could see the foundation of the house
    and the barn and then just parts and pieces of barn, equipment, cars, etc.
    etc. There was a bunch of hay scattered and somone had managed to pile a
    bunch together and clear a safe open spot -- lots of sharp and spintered
    debris lying around the cleared spot. 5 horses stood stock still around the
    pile munching with a horse killed by the tornado lying on the ground about
    20 feet away. No fences in sight and one lonely figure despondently sorting
    through the wreck. Another horse was under the wreckage, crushed.
    My acquaintance was in the barn when it exploded around them. I know her
    because she called me about 2 months ago to find out about dog therapy which
    is something I'm involved with. The barn owner is a child development
    specialist by profession and uses the horses for therapy for children with
    autism and ADD. They were working with some clients and the horses when the
    tornado hit. No humans were seriously injured.
    As you can imagine someone who has just gone through that two days ago might
    be, she was still pretty shaken and in shock. Everything is gone. They have
    found a place for the horses, but that's about it. She told me how one of
    the most staid horses balked at being loaded into the stock trailer because,
    with the other horses in it and rattling around a bit, it sounded exactly
    like the barn before it exploded. The horse turned and bolted away from the
    The farm property is insured, but it's that ol' "act of God" thing. The
    owners lack health insurance and are already facing bills from unrelated
    health care issues. The vet bills, of course, aren't covered. But besides
    that, everything is gone. Tack, feed, basic horse care items.
    Any ideas on how to help these people get back on their feet? Like I said,
    the woman I talked to is pretty shaken up -- she was headed out to the site
    again and hopefully will have more info later. Anyone who lived through fire
    or floods out there who can offer some advice on how to help or how they
    should deal with this?
    Thanks for reading.
    Deanna (Ohio)
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