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    Re: [RC] Another grooming ques? - Laurie Durgin

    Must get the scabs off. Betadine with a sponge on those spots for a couple days. Or dilute bleach 1-10 and spray on. Or put in stall during rain. Or use a breathable, clean rain sheet. Or mtg on spots. Or get another horse :{    . Rascal's mom who must battle the rainrot cycle. (we clip  and keep clean, ) Oh, sometimes if I know it  is going to rain for a couple days, I bathe first, or lightly spray them with the bleach solution in vulnerable areas.
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    With all the rainfall we have been having here in the SE one of my guys
    has developed rain rot.  Anyone have any quicker solutions than just
    brushing, brushing and more brushing.  To chilly right now to give any
    medicated baths.

    Karen in soggy VA

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