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    Re: [RC] [RC] RO, Fit to continue - KimFue

    In a message dated 11/12/2002 8:25:28 AM Pacific Standard Time, tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    On the other hand if someone is sitting back East looking for a vacation
    route out west to do rides, the pull codes - accurately recorded - would
    give a person some idea of the ride. If there were a lot of lameness
    pulls he could investigate and find out why - maybe it's rocky and he
    would have to make sure he had pads before he showed up. Or it might be
    very sandy and if his horse had not been trained in sand, he might want
    to avoid it. The list goes on.

    I think this pull code argument thing is pretty much a red herring. In
    every sport statistics on individuals are kept and made public. Batting
    averages from little league on up through the majors appear in print in
    some form or the other. Box scores appear in print. Results, times and
    statistics of track meets appear in print.? The current process of
    listing of all the riders in an event in order of finish, time and
    disposition of those that didn't finish is nothing more than goes on in
    any sport.

    If someone has a problem feeling that they somehow have a negative
    connotation, I would suspect that it is only to a handful of people -
    and even if there is such a connotation, over time it will disappear.
    The value of the codes far outweigh any reason I have heard not to use


    Wouldn't you get the same information if the pull codes were listed anonymously, with ride results?? You would still know the number of pulls for lameness or from metabolics or from RO for a particular ride.? Why do you as an individual need to know why a particular rider was pulled unless you are using the information to keep track of? that individual horse/rider?? I am not trying to stir the pot but I really want to know how listing? pull codes next to an individual will provide better data for research.

    Kim Fuess