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    RE: [RC] Horse/Rider History Books re: PULL CODES - John A. Teeter

    > I am not sure we want to duplicate what someone else does with
    > a log book. The more I have thought about the concept the more
    > I think it could be a very valuable educational tool for new riders.
    > Truman
    The endurance riders journal that has been published by various people over
    the years was kind of in that vein. A place to record your efforts over the
    year and to organize your training and competition information.
    Maybe AERC should consider including such a riders journal in the new
    members packet (or even as  a regular membership publication). It might, as
    you point out, help new riders become familiar with training regemes and how
    to plan their season. I think you're correct that over time, such tools may
    be less important to more experienced riders - tho some very experience
    competitors do keep log books I think.
    For new members, it would be great to review the training schedules and
    notes of other riders as well. Sounds like a collaborative log book thing.
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    Re: [RC] Horse/Rider History Books re: PULL CODES, Truman Prevatt