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    [RC] Horse insurance - from colic - Tim Worden

    Just wondering is anyone does the colic
    protection/insurance program through their vet.  Our
    vet has this program, I believe through Pfizer, that
    will insure a horse up to $5000 if a death were to
    occure from colic. You must follow the program
    guidelines which include standard vet administered
    shots.  And the larger expense of a daily wormer.  If
    a horse were to colic and die during this program, you
    would be reimbursed $5000 once proven from an autopsy.
     We are seriously considering this program since we
    have had a scare with a young one that coliced a week
    after administering a dewormer.  Luckily we were there
    and caught it in time.  Does anyone else do this
    program and what are your thoughts?
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