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    Re: [RC] Ft Howe or ANY fast race - Heidi Smith

    >"Each horse that participates on behalf of the owners/riders, (whether they are "mediocre" endurance horses or horses who don't know the word "quit"), is entitled to perform "their job" without jeopardizing their present or their future, when, for the most part, serious injury or death is avoidable."

    >I do wish that this was so easy to judge, even in the perspective of the Ft. Howe horses. The proof, however, is if these horses can come back and perform again. Unfortunately, hindsight is the best sight here.
    Well, in the case of the Fort Howes horses, hindsight is pretty clear.  They sailed on with flying colors, three of them to Spain. 
    I did finally get to see the film last night.  Red and Catch A Wave TROTTING up that hill was incredible--and it baffles me that someone calling themselves a dressage rider would complain about what Red was doing, as he was telescoping and lengthening to round his back periodically--as my husband (way more dressage experience than I have) commented, they work hard to TEACH dressage horses to do just that.  I was particularly intrigued with Cia and Catch A Wave--Cia rode nicely in all the other clips, but it looked to me on that last hill and at the finish that it was Cia that was tired, not the horse!  Shahdon walking up the hill was still tracking up, and Valerie's "urging" him appeared to be the same thing I do automatically at a walk anyway, which is to gently alternate legs to encourage length of stride.  Both Lois and Valerie pushed all day and got outrun, and were giving their horses a breather.  "Exhausted" Shahdon trotted over the finish line loose and free, with his ears up.  Don't recall if there was footage of Lois finishing or not.  As an endurance rider, I'd be proud and happy to have anyone see that film.  JMO.

    [RC] Ft Howe or ANY fast race, John & Sue Greenall