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    Re: [RC] grooming and the coming cold weather - what's the best way to wash - DESERTRYDR1

    I never bathe during the winter, nor do I groom to get the coat super clean.  
    I only bathe when it's going to be at lest 60 degrees for at least on hour or 
    two after.  Once a few years ago, my mare abscessed in December.  I had to 
    soak her foot every day for 20-30 minutes, so I spent the time grooming her.  
    By the third day she was squeaky clean.  Then it snowed, and I had groomed 
    (NOT washed) most of the oils out of her coat.  The snow penetrated into the 
    hair coat and she got COLD.  I had to blanket her for a few days until the 
    snow stopped.  Since that time, I have groomed only to the point where she 
    has no stiff, sweaty spots and no chunks.  In other words, til all her hair 
    laid where it was supposed to.  It seems like they stay warmer when the 
    natural oils are left in the coat, and they can fluff the hair up if they 
    need to.  I figure that she can be green in spots all winter long if 
    necessary.   jeri
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