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    Re: [RC] too icy to ride - Jim Holland

    Try here....
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
    > Paddi wrote:
    > It is to icy to safely ride right now in northern Alberta. (I might
    > have to dig out the Easyboots with the studs)
    > It always amazes me how fast arabs can learn things. I spent about
    > half an hour while the trough filled playing with my 6 year old
    > gelding.
    > I taught him to pick up his feet with a hand signal last month and
    > decided today he should learn how to bow.
    > Keeps his mind busy! In a few short minutes I had him picking up his
    > leg and putting his nose down to the ground  for the start of a bow.
    > It is to icy to take him right to the ground yet. That will wait for
    > softer snow and better footing.
    > My older mare was standing next to us. I taught her years ago. I would
    > have her bow to thank the vet at checkin.
    > She injured her hip over a year ago and I have not asked her to bow in
    > all that time. She cannot do a complete bow but made a huge effort
    > when I was teaching Sid the hand signals. They never forget .
    > mmmm if the weather stays crappy I should have a trick horse come
    > spring instead of an endurance horse.
    > anyone know how to teach them to sit down?
    > Anyone know any books that show how to teach different tricks?
    > Paddi Sprecher
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