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    Re: [RC] Horse/Rider History Books re: PULL CODES - DreamWeaver

    At 11:28 AM 11/10/2002 -0800, you wrote:
    Can anyone explain to me why RO-L and RO-M are not satisfactory to some of the membership?

    Because it give the stigma to somebody that now has a regular L or M (minus the RO part in front of it) pull that they did not choose what was best for their horse and had to be forced to do it.

    This is just splitting hairs. Who cares who made the decision, this will only make people look bad that don't have the RO in front of their name, making it worse than it already is. Also, like I said, when it comes to lameness a lot of it is subjective.

    Now come on, if a horse is at a vet check and the vet says "your horse is too lame to continue", and the rider says "okay I won't go on" -- whose decision is that? Did the rider really make that decision? No they didn't, they didn't have the choice, but you are going to have some vets that will say that the rider RO's the L pull and others that will put it down the other way. There won't be any consistency because there isn't any now. Is the choice okay to be the riders if the horse is a grade 2? What if it is bordering on a 3 and two vets each see it a different way? Yeah, I am looking forward to spending more time waiting in vet lines while this gets discussed.

    If somebody doesn't think so, then I urge them to go out and do a few rides in three or more different AERC regions and then tell me what they think really happens.

    West Region

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