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    Re: [RC] Sidedness (was Canter vs Extended Trot) - Laurie Durgin

    I just heard that that is no longer believed. That there was some research done showing they do pass info to both sides of brain. Believe it was in Horse Illustrated a few isssues ago.
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    > --- Vallonelee@xxxxxxx wrote:
    > > If anyone doubts they are "sided", just try mounting
    > > from the off side.  HA !
    > Horses brains work differently than ours.  They have
    > to learn everything from each side as they can't make
    > the switch themselves. The "wiring" isn't there.  This
    > is why a horse can pass something a zillion times from
    > one direction and then react to it coming from the
    > other direction. :)
    > ~Nicole

    And if anything, this particular neurological feature tends to accentuate
    their "sided-ness."


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