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    Re: [RC] Heaters and Gas Grill Question! - Ed and Wendy Hauser

    His grill must be a high pressure grill, and the rapid evaporation of the
    propane chilled the remaining liquid further.  He would have had less
    trouble if the tank had been filler because there would have been more area
    on the liquid to absorb heat.
    Propane boils at about -40.  That is how we can use propane heat on our
    houses here in the north woods.  Normal house heaters and stoves and camper
    stuff use a gas pressure of 11 inches of water which is less than .4 PSI,
    therefore the outside temperature would have to be very cold (like -35 or
    so) before the pressure didn't regulate properly.
    As an aside, some high flow propane systems here have heaters that heat the
    tank to increase the pressure when it gets very cold.  My propane supplier
    told me 26 years ago when we had a record cold snap that some people in our
    town couldn't get heat one morning.  He went out and built a fire under
    their bulk tanks toallow them to get heat until it warmed up.  I'm sure this
    is not according to code and could result in a large explosion, but that is
    what he did.
    Ed and Wendy Hauser
    1140 37th Street
    Hudson, WI 54016
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    [RC] Heaters and Gas Grill Question!, Karen J. Zelinsky