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    [RC] Heaters and Gas Grill Question! - Karen J. Zelinsky

    Angie and ya'll!
    The heat/camper/safety question brings up another interesting question
    from this neck of the woods.  Maybe it's a guy question...:)
    Here goes:
    I have a propane gas grill out on my back porch (it's a very cold life
    these days - here in PA -it dropped down in the twenties the other
    night)...  My guy decides to do the food-grill scene a couple of nights
    ago - temp. around 25+ degrees.  He starts up ye olde grill and it has a
    small flame, so he decides that he needs to increase the pressure in the
    propane tank to get a bigger flame...so he disconnects the tank and
    brings it into my "damned kitchen sink" where he commences to pour hot
    water over the tank until my sink 'tis filled to almost overfloweth, then
    he lets it sit there for 10 minutes, CLAIMING that if the temperature
    rises, the pressure will rise.  He then proceeds to take it outside,
    reconnect it to the grill, and lights the grill off. and to his delight
    it has full flame and he recommences cooking.  Thirty minutes later, as
    he checks the chicken, he realizes his flame is down to a miniscule
    height, at which time he determines the chicken is not done, and he needs
    more pressure, so he redoes the entire procedure again.... disconnects
    tank, redunks it in the sink, takes it back outside, reconnects it, and
    starts cooking once again.  Fortunately, this time there was enough
    pressure to last long enough (a total of an hour) to cook the chicken and
    the remaining zucchini we (he) were/was cooking.  The tank was about 1/4
    full.  This begs the question (gotta make this ridecamp-friendly - ya
    know!) ... when you're at an endurance ride, how on earth do you keep the
    propane tank's pressure up when it's outside in the cold, cruel world?  
    I know people like Bob Morris, (engineer) and all you endurance cooks
    might have answers!!  Help!!
    Karen - here in chilly PA
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