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    [RC] [RC] Sharing expenses to rides - Deanna German

    Before I got my trailer, I hitched rides with 3 different people. One is my
    overly generous cousin Mickie, the other is my barn owner, with whom I have
    a friendship as well as a business relationship, and the other is my friend
    When I trailered with Mickie, I drove my own truck separately, so we split
    gas. One time I think I told her I'd pay double and I think we ended up
    bartering some Equinyl and me dropping her Mom off somewhere. When I
    trailered with my barn owner, she would never let me do more than split the
    gas even though I tried to give her more money, maybe because I'm always
    generous with my gear, food and e'lytes. She did charge me extra once for
    loading and hauling my horse for me to a ride (I went down the day before to
    help the RM) and I happily paid. When I went with Karen the first time, she
    was picking me up so I could crew for someone else! I paid for a tank of gas
    for her trouble, and of course, I helped crew for her too. The next time,
    she picked up me and my horse and I tried to pay for every tank of gas after
    she picked me up (can't remember if that happened or not -- I was sick on
    the way home and simply handed her my card at every stop...).
    Now that I have a truck and trailer, I'm trying to "pay it forward" and
    picked up a new person to the sport and his horse on the way to Spook Run. I
    think he paid me too much! A couple of tanks of gas plus some additional $$.
    Control freak that he is, he also drove his share. Plus he was a great help
    when I was at low ebb energy wise (and knee-pain wise).
    When a person is hitching rides, they need to understand the inconvenience
    to the "hitchee" and try to make up for it. Ya gotta give to get. When I'm a
    begger, I try to give more than I get. And now I'm trying to pay it forward.
    That's my 2 cents.
    This is endurance related, but not horse related.? I wonder how other
    endurance riders handle sharing expenses to the rides.......The last ride
    was Alpine and she actually brought home a second horse, (the raffle horse),
    which I hauled in my trailer all the way back to Beavercreek.? My question
    is, do most people that share rides share the gas as well and when hauling
    an extra horse do they charge a hauling fee?? I didn't know this person that
    well and to my surprise when I got home from the last ride she had charged
    up over $25.00 in cell phone use on my phone (without asking).? I felt petty
    asking to be reimbursed for the cell phone charges, but I did, in a nice
    way.? To date she has not paid anything.? I'm also missing a nice HRM now
    too, but that's my mistake for being too trusting. ?Is this typical when you
    "share" a trip to a ride?? The only thing I have to compare it to is true
    friends that I have hauled to rides.? Of course they always are extremely
    gracious and appreciative to have someone do all the driving and to be able
    to be in a nice warm camper.? All my other friends would always stay behind
    when we got home and even clean up the camper with me.? This one would just
    get her stuff and leave.? Maybe I'm being too picky, but I thought I'd just
    ask fellow ride campers how they handle these type of people.? Of course she
    will not be going with me anymore (I learned that lesson the hard way).?
    ?Thanks for your input.
    DeAnn #12874
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