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    [RC] Fw: horses - superpat

    > Subject: Horses
    > This information came through the ODS office and we thought it might be
    > of interest to our members:
    >    Just for your info, pass on to any you think might be interested.
    >    The folks who provide the Dude strings to Black Butte ranch, at
    > Robinson
    >    Road Ranch, found out that over 200 6months old babies were going to
    >    be put down due to a drought that was going on in Alberta, Canada.
    > These
    >    are the babies born to keep the Mares pregnant to provide PMU or
    > pregnant
    >    mares urine for the production of Premarin (female estrogen for post
    >    menopausal women).  These horses are mixed breed(most draft and
    > quarter
    >    cross and Norweign Fjord and quarter cross)  Actually pretty nice
    > looking
    >    sturdy horses.  They need to find homes for these babies.  Their
    > prices
    >    range from  $0-450.
    >    For more information call:  Virginia Loomis Cell: 541-280-2891
    >                                            home 541-595-6143
    >    One came home with me, and another friend got two of them.  Becky
    > Hope
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