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    Re: [RC] Ready for 55? (long) - Laurie Durgin

    So how much prep. for a multiday ride?The same as , say, training  for a 50? I didn't know there were any in the se, I thought they were all 'west'.
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    Geezz, leave it to someone to kill off a new ride before it even gets it's hoof off the ground with that kind of talk.  I am so hoping that the Gator Run gets a good turn out next January cause it's one of the few 3 day rides we have in the Southeast.  Osceola is not deep sand; the footing is fantastic and it's just over the GA border.
    Not all Florida rides are deep sand ones.  Osceola and Ponce DeLeon are not and I like the ground at Goethe, also. Ya'll seem to enjoy Goethe and I would venture to say . ./.

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